We have Strong Processes, Infrastructure and Expertise to handle diverse Payroll Requirements

Payroll processing is one of the task that takes up a lot of time and demands pains taking effort. Precision is the key, all calculations have to be done on time, the correct deductions made, taxes deposited and returns filed on time and if payroll calculations are delayed or are incorrect, businesses end up paying stiff penalties – something small and medium businesses and enterprises (SMEs/SMBs) cannot afford.

The best option is to say goodbye to those risks by outsourcing payroll processing to us. We offer customized payroll processing solutions to fit your requirements, leaving you free to focus on your core business.

We have strong processes, infrastructure and expertise to handle diverse payroll requirements

PAYROLL Processing & Management

  • Collection of attendance inputs & Leave details
  • Fixation of CTC as per the laws & company policy
  • Preparation of Appointment/Joining Letter
  • Computation & Processing of Salary & Wages
  • Calculation of Statutory Dues & deductions
  • Generate Salary Slip
  • Sending Salary Sheet, Slips & all challan & reports
  • Computation of Leave, Bonus & Gratuity etc.
  • Exit Formalities & Preparation of Services


  • Registration & License under Various applicable Acts
  • Renewal & Amendment under Different Acts
  • Calculation of all statutory dues/deductions
  • Generate Challan, Statement & reports online
  • Submission reports & returns in Govt. Office & Bank
  • Maintenance of All applicable Registers & Records
  • Settlement of all claims & withdrawal (PF & ESI)
  • PF Transfer & Withdrawal through Digital Signature Statutory Compliance under Labour Laws & Payroll Management
  • Communicate all legal updates (Maharashtra)
  • Liasioning with Different Govt. Dept./Officials
  • Represent all hearing & assessment in Govt. office
  • Attend all notices & inspections by Govt. Officials
  • Settlement & closure of Notice by Govt.